Secure Your Cell Phone Privacy with an OFF PocketThe reports of snooping on your cell phone activity, your location and even the ability to turn on the microphone remotely are serious cell phone privacy violations that you can take action against with an OFF Pocket.

The OFF Pocket is a simple solution to cell phone privacy violations using a high performance shielding soft metal fabric. To use the OFF Pocket just put your phone inside, close the top and secure the closure with the two elastic straps. The internal shielding blocks all cellular frequencies, all network protocol communications, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and is rated at over 100 decibels, which is stronger than putting your phone in a cocktail shaker. The durable case fabric is also water resistant, adding additional protection to your enclosed phone. Because it is soft fabric, you can carry your phone where you usually carry your phone when you are mobile; the only difference now is that you are untraceable.

The OFF Pocket comes in two sizes that will fit almost every cell phone make and model and will be available later this year. If you want to guarantee your privacy, pick one up for 75 bucks by supporting their Kickstarter campaign

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