SensoGlove Helps Golfers Get a Grip Improving Their GameGolf is a game that relies on several mechanics all working together for the perfect shot including stance, swing and even grip. SensoGlove gives immediate feedback where the golfer meets the club in the golf glove to grip and rip properly on every swing.

SensoGlove uses a lightweight module that digitally monitors grip pressure up to eighty times a second throughout the club swing. The sensors are built into a high-quality cabretta leather golf glove, typical of most golf gloves, and can monitor the pressure of each finger. A quick trip to the driving range will help initially set up the glove with the golfer setting their grip pressure from the LED control module on a scale of one to eighteen. The glove monitors every shot from tee to green and as the golfer swings, real-time audible and visual feedback is provided if the golfer breaks the grip limit. The glove runs on a standard watch battery giving the system almost 100 hours of playtime on a single cell.

The SensoGlove module is water resistant meaning those tough putts that make you sweat will not hurt the module. The SensoGlove is available in both left and right hand gloves in typical sizes for both men and women. The initial cost of the SensoGlove is just 89 bucks with replacement gloves available for 22 bucks and can be picked up right now from their website.

Check them out: SensoGlove.