Set Your Turntable Speed Perfectly with a UFOVinyl music is making a comeback as more and more people realize there is just no way to get that sound from an MP3 file. To make sure your turntable is delivering, Hagerman Technology has developed a cool little device, the UFO.

The UFO, short for Uniform Frequency Orbiter, is a small calibration tool you place directly on your spinning LP to fine-tune your turntable speed. The system was originally designed to replace the two-piece hand-held strobe and disc pattern by combining the two in an easier to use and visually appealing self-contained unit. Using a push button on the device to set the operating mode, the listener can adjust the turntable speed while watching the calibration dots on the base. When the crystal-controlled accuracy dots appear to be holding still, the turntable is at the perfect speed for the album giving you the best sound. In addition, maybe the best part, it looks like a UFO is hovering over your album when the lights are off.

The UFO is available as a do-it-yourself kit or fully assembled for a few bucks more. If you are an audiophile getting back into vinyl music and want to add a head-turning lightshow to your turntable, check out the UFO tool on Kickstarter.