Shark Wheel is a Reinvented Square Skateboard WheelReinventing the wheel has always been just an idiom, until now. The Shark Wheel being developed in Los Angeles is a new product for skateboarding that produces a smooth ride and amazing grip.

The Shark Wheel almost looks like someone is playing a joke on you; it looks like a square. By altering a circle so that it is a helix shape when viewed from the side, and a square from the top, the Shark Wheel is actually a round surface that produces sine wave contact with the surface. The result is a wheel that is no longer stopped by a tiny piece of gravel sending you over the hose of your board. It rolls faster than a traditional round wheel, has better grip on wet surfaces and handles varying terrain, like sand on the pavement.

The Shark Wheel works with any standard 70mm wheel hub and since it is made of interlocking sections, it is customizable in different colors and hardness for the perfect ride. Shark Wheel has a Kickstarter campaign up and running, throw them fifty bucks and you can grab a set of Shark Wheels for your board.

Check it out:

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