Signal and Be Seen with Zackees Turn Signal GlovesEverywhere people ride bicycles on roads meant for cars requires the rider signal when turning, following the rules of the road. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves gives the rider more visibility when signaling, making bicycling safer.

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves use super bright LEDs in the shape of an arrow on the back of the gloves giving everyone on the road an indication of the cyclist’s next move. The gloves light up when worn on the hands through simple contacts inside the glove and the LEDs automatically adjust to give the rider visibility in any brightness. If the rider needs to turn, cross lanes or make a maneuver that will impact traffic, they can signal with the gloves alerting drivers avoiding an impact of their own. The gloves are powered by coin-cell batteries that can be replaceable or rechargeable and if the gloves get dirty, the electronics are watertight, just toss them in the wash.

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves give riders the added security of being on the road knowing that drivers see their actions. While the gloves are intended for cyclists, runners, skateboarders or just about any activity involving motorist interaction keeps you visible and safe. Zackees Turn Signal Gloves will retail for about 100 bucks, grabbing a pair for a discount means signaling support on their Kickstarter campaign.

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