Smart-me Monitors Energy Usage and ProductionKnowing how much power the appliances in your home use can help conserve power and save money. Smart-me is a smart plug power monitor that can do much more than trend energy usage.

Smart-me plugs into a standard outlet and gives owners the ability to monitor consumption of any device that uses the outlet for power. Setup is as easy as plugging it in and tethering it to a smart device application using your home wireless connection. With the app, owners can monitor power consumption, turn appliances on or off, set timers to power appliances and even monitor temperature from anywhere. Smart-me displays this information in easy to read graphs that can be exported to popular formats and saved or shared to create a usage and hopefully savings history.

Smart-me measures power in both directions, meaning it can be used to show solar panel or windmill owners just how much power they are producing at better than 99% accuracy. Smart-me is currently seeking funds on Indiegogo where backers can grab one for 119 bucks or a two-pack for 199 with expected delivery in late 2014.

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