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Smart Rope for Fitness is Not Your Playground Jump RopeI hit the treadmill three times a week and stay fit with weight training, so when I found the Smart Rope and learned that jumping rope can be a more beneficial workout than running, I had to investigate.

Smart Rope is more than a jump rope evolved; it is a totally new piece of workout gear. As the name implies, it uses Bluetooth to communicate with a smartphone application for tracking metrics like jumps, time and calories with the ability to track and socially share workouts. What makes the Smart Rope impressive is the way it provides feedback to the jumper, using 23 LED lights imbedded in the rope so that as you jump, messages, emojis and other information is presented like a screen right before your eyes. The rope attaches to the grips at a 45-degree angle for natural motion and within the grip is a battery that uses mini-USB for recharging.

Smart Rope will be available in four sizes on release, accommodating jumpers from five to six-and-a-half feet in height. Expect the Smart Rope to hit the market in late 2015 with a retail price of around 70 bucks.

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