Social Collaborative Science with the Focus Microscope CameraLooking through a microscope takes a bit of practice, patients and sometimes, it is just hard to see. The new Focus Microscope Camera from Exo Labs not only makes studying small objects easier, it also makes an individual experience more social.

Focus is a mountable camera system that uses interchangeable lenses and an iPad connection that when combined with an app makes the small, social. It was originally designed for students and teachers to share their science experiences and to take the frustration out of looking into a microscope. With the app, anyone from kids to researchers can capture images, measure between two points on the image, share their image and zoom all by touch. The system has grown to include different lenses including one that can mount to a telescope or other mono scope and another that can capture micro-images using a tripod. With the Focus, collaboration from any microscopic sample or distant star becomes affordable and instant, expanding research in real time.

The Focus Microscope Camera is designed to be rugged with a sturdy aluminum body and shock-mounted electronics to take drops and falls. Imaging scopes can be very expensive compared to the Focus, which retails for 599 bucks.