SolePower Harvests Energy One Step at a TimeMobile devices have definitely changed our access to technology but finding power when we are on the go can be a bit of a challenge. SolePower has looked at this problem, and they are finding power one-step at a time.

SolePower is an energy harvesting and power storage solution built into a shoe insole. The device collects power as the user walks during both the swing and impact stages using mechanical linkages and generators to capture power. The power is stored in a battery pack that can be worn around the ankle or clipped to the top of a shoe. When your device needs juice, simply connect it to the pack with a USB connector and the energy you exerted walking charges your device. SolePower is waterproof and weather resistant and has a simulated lifespan of one hundred million steps so it will even outlast your shoes.

SolePower estimates that the system can fully charge an iPhone in just two and a half hours of walking which is about the average amount of walking done in a day. The system has many applications, from recreational hiking and walking to disaster relief, military, developing nations or anywhere power is in demand. SolePower can power any USB device from lights, mp3 players or any portable device that goes where you go.