Speak Twenty-Five Languages Instantly with SigmoImagine your employer just sprung a business trip on you or maybe you want to surprise your spouse with a trip to a foreign country. You might have time to learn a few phrases, hiring a translator is not economical, walking around with a book is not going to work and there is never a Babel fish tank around when you need one. A better option would be to grab a Sigmo.

Sigmo is a small device that acts like a smartphone headset only this device can translate between twenty-five languages, breaking down barriers to foreign travel. It uses Bluetooth to communicate with your Android or iOS device using an app running as a background service to access existing translation services, like Google. To use Sigmo, travelers set their native language and the foreign language in the app and then press the first button to instantly take what you say natively and speak it the foreign language. With the second button, what it hears from your new foreign friend is instantly spoken in your native language. Sigmo also has a headset jack if you would just like to listen to what is going on around you without disturbing anyone and if you miss something, just tap the repeat button.

Sigmo is small and light allowing it to be clipped to clothing or even worn on a lanyard and it will not take up any space in your travel bag. The developers are also promising to keep you current, as long as you have the app on your device, you will be able to receive free updates. Sigmo will be offered in several colors and you can pick up your favorite now for delivery early next year by supporting their Indiegogo campaign.

Check it out at: Sigmo

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