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Stay Connected and Charge with a StrongVolt Solar SmartChargerSolar panel mobile device charging is a great solution when there is no access to power or when the power is out, but even these devices have their frustrations. New technology from StrongVolt makes your solar panel charger more reliable, staying connected to your device as the environment changes.

The StrongVolt SmartCharger system is a new kind of solar panel charging device that uses their SunTrack technology to keep your device connected during charging. Using this new technology, the SmartCharger automatically reconnects your charging device to the panel if there is a temporary shade spot from clouds or tree cover eliminating the need to constantly check on your charge status. With a SunTrack enabled panel, just select which type of device you are charging, connect your device to the panel, hang the panel on a backpack or place it in the sun and the system takes care of the rest. SmartCharger will work with just about any USB chargeable device including iOS devices, which have had issues with inconsistent or unstable charging sources.

StrongVolt is not forgetting about the current community of solar panel smart device charging individuals and are offering the SunTrack technology as a dongle for existing panel systems. The panels will be available from three to eighteen watts meeting all your mobile power-charging needs with the system hitting the market early in 2014.

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