Stop Skimming and Get Swimming with Solar-BreezePersonal robotic systems can clean your gutters, vacuum your carpet and now with Solar-Breeze, your wife will have to say goodbye to the pool boy.

Solar-Breeze is a robotic pool skimmer that cruises around the pool all day using solar power to pick up floaters and keep the pool swim ready. A rear paddle moves the robot around the pool trapping debris from the front of the unit in an ultra-fine nylon mesh filter removing most of the surface contaminates before they sink. Chemicals can also be released while the robot skims the pool from a side compartment that holds chlorine tablets. Extra power is collected and stored in a lithium ion battery allowing the robot to keep on skimming all night long.

Using a Solar-Breeze also enables pool owners to run the pump less often, which saves power and money during pool season. Solar-Breeze will be released in early 2016 and will retail for about 550 bucks.

Check it out:

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