Stream Media to Any HDMI TV with Chromecast by GoogleA smart television will let you see internet content without being at a computer, which is fantastic if you have a smart television. For those of us who own a high definition television before internet connectivity, Google Chromecast is a small device you can use to connect to see that content.

Google Chromecast is essentially an HDMI dongle for televisions without streaming capabilities. With the device, viewers can watch web content available through their Chrome Browser, YouTube, Netflix and any purchased music, movies or television shows from Google Play. To set up the device, just plug the dongle into your television’s HDMI port, connect the included USB power cable and type a URL into a browser to add the device to your home Wi-Fi network. The Chromecast will then stream content you are viewing from devices and systems like Android and iOS smartphones, tablets and computers to your television by selecting a button in the app you are using. The device also gives viewers basic control of the playback including adjusting the volume and queuing, all from their mobile device.

While Google Chromecast is not at the level of other internet entertainment streaming systems yet, the device is a good solution for people without a smart television. Knowing Google, more apps and providers will be on the way soon. For the 35-dollar price tag, this is an entry-level streaming system that is also very portable among televisions in every room of your house.

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