SunFriend Makes Sunny Days Outside Healthy AgainThere is nothing fun about sunburn and the long-term effects of over-exposure can lead to real problems down the road. SunFriend is a new idea for the outdoors giving you just the right amount of healthy sun exposure for skin sun protection.

SunFriend is a wearable UVA+B bracelet with technology inspired by NASA making it low power and small while looking stylish. The device works by first setting your skin type based on a scale derived from the World Health Organization giving SunFriend an idea of your sensitivity to the sun. Once set, just attach the device to your wrist and enjoy your day while SunFriend constantly reads all absorbed UV including reflected rays from water and snow, exposure through glass and even while cloudy. When an exposure limit is reached based on your skin type, the device flashes letting you know it is time to get out of the sun for skin sun protection.

SunFriend allows the wearer to absorb beneficial vitamin D, which is usually blocked by sunscreen, and avoid life-long issues that can result from burns. The device is completely waterproof so whatever you have planned for your day in the sun, SunFriend is along for the ride. SunFriend will be available early in 2014, just in time for summer.

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