SwissPen Expands the Handheld Pen 3D Printing Movement3D printers have the resolution to make fairly precise models and even parts, but if you just want to draw, you need a handheld 3D pen. The SwissPen gives you the freedom to express yourself in 3D.

The handheld SwissPen will not give you amazing resolution, but it will give you the freedom of drawing your ideas in 3D space. SwissPen works just like other 3D printer by heating either ABS or PLA plastic and extruding it through a nozzle. The device uses a corded adapter and plugs into a wall outlet for power. Once turned on, the SwissPen takes about a minute to reach operating temperatures and will let you know it is ready when the indicator light turns from red to blue. With the plastic color of your choice loaded into the handheld 3D pen, you are ready to start drawing, creating any object you can think of.

SwissPen operates at temperatures hot enough to melt plastic and creates fumes like any other printer; this is not a toy for children. Each SwissPen comes with a universal power supply, 220 ten-inch strands of multicolor plastic to get you started and costs just over 100 bucks.