HEXO+ Drone Platform is Your Autonomous Camera Person

  The drone market has really taken off in the last few years. For photographers and videographers, the new HEXO+ camera drone is the camera platform that can autonomously act as your filming wingman. HEXO+ is designed to be as intuitive as possible allowing shooters to focus on filming not flying. The drone unpacks from a backpack transportable form with folding legs and frame becoming flight ready in just minutes. Using an Android or iOS smart device, the user can lock the flying drone's camera angle from the live video stream of the mounted GoPro camera and once locked, the drone will autonomously follow the subject at up to forty-five miles [...]

The 3D Pocketcopter Takes Mobile Video to New Heights

  Being able to take high-quality photos and video on our smart phones has changed how we share life's moments. The 3D Pocketcopter mini drone will change that perspective again, this time from a bird's eye view. The 3D Pocketcopter is a small, lightweight and highly portable camera mini drone for capturing high-definition photos and video in both 2- and 3D. The unit uses two rotors that spin in opposite directions giving the copter stability and either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for connecting to a smart device application. Flight controls are performed on the application and are simple enough that you do not need to be a master drone pilot to capture [...]