Take Water Conserving Smart Showers with EvaLow-flow showerheads are frustrating, but so are high water bills and the guilt of sending water conservation ethics down the drain. Eva lets you shower smarter, saving water and money while providing a perfectly refreshing hot shower.

Eva is a smart shower sensor that installs between the wall and your favorite showerhead automatically regulating water flow. Eva starts conserving from the moment you turn on the water to warm your shower by checking temperature, shutting off the flow and alerting that the shower is ready. Once inside, the system adjusts the flow based on your proximity to the showerhead, blasting water to rinse your hair and body then reducing flow when farther away lathering up or shaving. Every good smart device needs an app, and Eva has one too, allowing personal customization of shower zones and tracking everything from usage, time showering and conservation goals.

Eva estimates the device can save the average household about fifty percent of their shower water usage, saving enough money to pay for itself in a year. Eva will retail for only 149 bucks with backers of their Indiegogo enjoying the pleasure of a guilt-free shower by late 2015.

Check them out: Eva Smart Shower Sensor