The Credit Card Sized Micro-Phone Backup Cell PhoneWe have all done it, left the house without our technology leashes on. Our mobile life and the way we communicate have become such a standard that not having your phone can actually make you panic. For that reason, having a small, inexpensive second mini card cell phone can come in handy.

That is the thinking behind the Micro-Phone mini card cell phone, a phone that is almost the size of a credit card. It works with any global system for mobile communications network and is small enough to fit in a commonly carried item like a purse or wallet. The Micro-Phone is not a smart phone, it is a device for making calls and with its small LCD screen, you can view your phonebook, calendar or use the calculator. The Micro-Phone mini card cell phone can be upgraded to include a triangulation locating system, perfect for your child’s first phone and for you to know exactly where they are with their locator app.

The Micro-Phone mini card cell phone uses a lithium-ion battery that has a standby time of up to twenty-one days, which is perfect for using as an emergency phone when away from your primary smartphone. The Micro-Phone will be available this fall.

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