The Extremely Strong Foldylock Rethinks Bicycle Lock DesignBike locks come in several varieties from u-shape to long cables, and they are all bulky and awkward to store on your bike. A new idea in bicycle security, the Foldylock, gives riders the assurance they need in a convenient package.

The Foldylock is a bicycle lock that folds down into a small package and mounts to the bicycle frame using a vibration and rattle-free case. When unfolded, the lock is about a yard in length giving riders enough extension to secure their bicycle wherever their adventure takes them. Foldylock is constructed using six hardened steel links covered with plastic to protect your paint while it safeguards your bike. The hinges use a rivet technology that protect against drilling as does the hardened steel locking cylinder making Foldylock one tough lock from a very small package.

Foldylock can also withstand the elements and is designed to be rust-free giving owners a long lasting and extremely strong high quality lock. Foldylock will be available in several colors; look for it to be out early next year with a retail price of ninety-five bucks.

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