The FitBark Sends Activity Trackers to the DogsWhen it comes to fitness monitoring, people collect an overwhelming amount of data to break down their workout routine into almost scientific levels. For their furry friends, a new activity tracker for Fido will make sure your pup is getting the exercise they need daily.

The FitBark is a wearable three-axis accelerometer activity tracker that goes right on most collars and monitors your dog’s daily activity. The FitBark uses Bluetooth to communicate with an Android or iOS device and with an installed app, pet owners can see, at a glance, their pets reach their daily goal, or, “Bark Score” as the interface changes from red to yellow to green. The app will also store daily collected data so the owner can review their dog’s activity history giving them insight into Rover’s health and then share that information with their vet. The water resistant case is rugged enough to keep up with your dog and the internal lithium-ion battery is rechargeable through micro USB. When the FitBark is out of range of the tethered device, there is even a base station for your house that uses Wi-Fi so you can check on your pet when you are away.

The FitBark app will also detect human fitness trackers, collect and store the data and send a weekly family report, the “Sniff-O-Graphic” so you can compare the entire family’s activity. The best part is that all of this is included with no monthly fee. FitBark will start shipping in late 2013 and will retail for 99 bucks; you can pick one up early at a discounted rate of 59 bucks if you support their Kickstarter campaign.

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