The Friends of Hue Complete Ambient Lighting OptionsLED lighting is redefining how we light our living spaces by conserving power and offering longer product life and now, the Phillips, “Friends of Hue” line is giving us more Hue lighting ambient color options.

There are two new products in the Phillips Friends of Hue lighting line: the LivingColors Bloom and LightStrips. Just like the original Hue bulb, both new products connect wirelessly to a Hue Bridge controlling up to fifty lights and interfacing with your home network. Both products are compatible with the Ambilight Friends of Hue app for Android and iOS that lets you control your ambient lighting anywhere from a smart device. They both offer up to sixteen million colors, up to 120 lumens of light output and use just 12 watts of power for the LivingColors Bloom; 8 watts for the LightStrips. The LivingColors Bloom is a portable and positional light giving you a spot of color wherever you want a shot of ambiance. The LightStrips adhere to any solid surface and can be cut to size fitting perfectly in places where you want to add light and color.

With the complete line of Hue products, you can change the mood in your living space for any situation and from anywhere giving you a different space anytime you want. The LivingColors Bloom and LightStrips are available now at Apple stores; you can pick up a hue starter kit to get you going for 199 bucks.

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