The Garmin HUD Navigation System Keeps Eyes on the RoadFighter pilots depend on their head-up display; looking down for a few seconds could mean life or death. As we are learning, distracted drivers looking at their cell phones and not at the road can have the same dire consequences.

Garmin International is putting your eyes back on the road with the release of HUD, a head-up display system designed for smart phone navigation apps. The HUD system projects driving directions onto the windshield using either an included transparent film or an included reflector lens that attaches to the unit. Using Garmin StreetPilot1 for iPhone or NAVIGON for Android and iPhone, the device connects through Bluetooth and will display and speak directions to the driver keeping their eyes on the road. If you are streaming music from your phone, the HUD automatically lowers the volume so you can clearly hear the spoken directions. The system will even charge your phone through an integrated USB port while you drive.

Head-up display is an emerging safety technology solving the distracted driver dilemma and is usually available on most new cars. The Garmin HUD is a solution for the rest of us still driving our late model street machine and for the road pilot in us all. You can pick one up from Garmin for 129 bucks.

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