The iSmartAlarm System for Complete Home Security under Your ControlFor home security without an installation technician tearing up your house followed by expensive monthly fees, the stylish iSmartAlarm system is a perfect solution that you control.

The iSmartAlarm works through a system of wireless security devices connecting to a central hub they call, “CubeOne”. The CubeOne works through a high-speed internet connection that interfaces with a smartphone application. Once the components of the system are in place, users can monitor their entire home from anywhere through their phone. Each system comes with a CubeOne and is expandable to as many security components as you need. Components include motion sensors, rotating infrared capable, “iCameras”, window or door monitors and even control pads for young children or others without a smartphone.

The iSmartAlarm system is designed for total home security, portability and function. The cameras can be rotated through the app with a swipe of a finger and the stream is stored and linked through the cloud. If you move, the system goes with you and if you need to move any single component, you have that control. The physical design of the components is modern and future plans include different colors and skins to really blend in with your decor and not stand out.

The iSmartAlarm system is a versatile and complete home security system that puts you in control without contracts. They just successfully funded their Indiegogo campaign and systems will be available soon with retail prices ranging from 80 bucks up to 300 bucks depending on your security needs.

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