The Lumen Bicycle Uses Ambient City Lights to Glow BrightWhen you are out in the bright lights of a big city night on your bicycle, safety means being seen. The Lumen glow bicycle uses those bright city lights making urban riding safer.

The Lumen glow bicycle is coated with a retro-reflective powder that contains hundreds of thousands of microscopic spheres. These spheres do not just reflect the light, they return the light to its source giving the bike and rims a glow that can be seen up to 1,000 feet away without charging luminescent tape or batteries. During the day, the hand-welded double-butted chromoly steel bike has a stylish charcoal color. At night, since the spheres depend on a lot of ambient light, the bike glows bright making the Lumen a perfect choice for urban riding.

The Lumen is being offered in three different variations including a single-speed bike, an internal eight-speed geared bike and a special edition geared bike with a classic look. Mission Bicycles will custom build each ordered Lumen by hand in San Francisco with all three models being offered on their Kickstarter starting at just over 1,200 bucks.

Check them out: Mission Bicycles