The Magic Ring That Gives You Complete Device ControlA person wakes up and finds a magic ring on their nightstand that, when worn, suddenly gives them the power to control their surroundings by making simple gestures. It sounds like a movie idea, but it is not, with the introduction of the Ring.

Ring is a gesture control device for Bluetooth enabled appliances and smart devices giving the wearer the ability to control their surroundings. By drawing certain symbols in the air with your finger or by actually spelling out text using the unique Ring Font, actions can be sent to smart devices and appliances in a few seconds. Ring will control Wi-Fi enabled devices as well using a hub device that acts as an interface between wireless devices and the Ring. Ring uses an internal battery good for about one-thousand gestures before needing a charge on the included USB connected charging stand. All of the gestures can be paired or modified from a smart device application and, if there is not a gesture you prefer for a task, simply make your own.

One of the more interesting features of the Ring is the ability to complete payment transactions just by making a few simple gestures without retrieving your smart phone. Ring will come in a number of sizes to fit most fingers and the final version will be set in a stylish silver band perfect for any occasion. Ring is targeting a late 2014 release with a retail price of around 180 bucks, you can get one in your hands, or better yet, on your finger early by supporting their Kickstarter.

Check it out: The Ring

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