The Micro 3D Printer Gives Everyone the Power to CreateBreaking into the world of 3D printing can seem overwhelming with barriers from CAD modeling expertize to cost. The Micro 3D printer is shattering those barriers with a system for everyone designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

The Micro 3D printer is a small 7.5-inch cube that installs in minutes by connecting to a computer through USB. Micro holds half-a-pound of standard 1.75 millimeter ABS or PLA material on the spool located under the print bed, or users can feed the material externally to the top of the extruder. Printing objects is as easy as selecting a model from the library on the included software and sending it to the printer, which will automatically calibrate and level. The printer has a fifteen-micron XY positioning accuracy in the 4.5-inch cube printing area and will print models with a range of 50 to 350 microns in resolution.

Micro is engineered to be easy to use, looks good on your desk or counter and will be available in several colors. Micro has a Kickstarter campaign running now and systems will be delivered in late 2014 with a 299-dollar price tag, making the system as affordable as it is functional.

Check it out: Micro Printer