The Monkey Light Pro Full Wheel Display SystemI can think of a few ways to turn heads while on a bike ride but the coolest way to do it is to light up your wheels. The Monkey Light Pro from MonkeyLectric is a new product that is going to add high visibility to you and your ride.

The Monkey Light Pro consists of four LED light strips that bolt together and attach to the hub and spokes of your bicycle rims. Using an on-board two-axis accelerometer and four magnets, the system keeps track of speed and rotation direction to display a stabilized image at speeds between ten and forty miles per hour. The LED lights are visible from both sides of the bicycle and the image produced by the 256 rotating LEDs is full color and 70 pixels in diameter. The Monkey Light Pro has enough storage for about 1000 images, comes preloaded with several designs and artistic works and uses Bluetooth connectivity to manage the files.

The Monkey Light Pro is built to withstand normal riding conditions around town and its durable solid rubber construction is balanced to keep your wheels spinning true. It will run for about eight hours using a lithium polymer battery that is rechargeable through USB. Because it uses LEDs to display the image, you will not be able to show off your works until nightfall, which also makes riding at night safer with the increased visibility that will certainly make your bike stand out

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