The New Sonos Playbar Delivers High Fidelity Sound WirelesslyTo truly enjoy high definition television you need high fidelity sound and that is exactly what you get with the new Playbar wireless speaker system from Sonos. The Playbar features a nine amplified speaker architecture – six mid-range and three tweeters – in a low profile design that can be placed flat in front of your television or mounted to the wall. The left and right tweeters are angled and a Class D amplifier that is tuned perfectly to the design drives each speaker. You only need two cables to hook up the system, an optical cable and power cord; both are included with the device. There are also two Ethernet ports on the system to connect to a wired home network.

The Playbar will wirelessly sync with other wireless speakers in your home making expansion to a larger sound environment as easy as placing the new speakers. The system will also automatically adjust the equalization to give you the best possible sound. According to Sonos, you can, “stream all the music on earth” with the built-in Sonos player including any web-based radio stations, podcasts or your digital music.

Controlling the Playbar can be done with any PC or Mac using the software that is included with the component or they are offering free apps allowing you control with your i-Devices. Sonos will start shipping their new Playbar in March and if you want one, you’ll be trading 700 bucks for a really amazing, true theater sound experience.

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