The Olive Bracelet Helps Control Everyday StressStress is something everyone experiences and there is plenty of research showing stress having negative health impacts. Olive will help you recognize when you are stressed, and even take actions to help stress management.

Olive is a two-part wearable solution to stress management composed of a bracelet and a smart device application. The Olive bracelet uses a full array of sensors monitoring heart rate, skin conductance and temperature, muscle tension and ambient light, detecting the signs of stress and alerting the wearer through haptic feedback. This information is also sent to a smart device application that over time builds a complete picture of stress in your life, eventually recommending exercises for conquering your stress. The bracelet does not rely on the application and can be used independently by rubbing the bracelet to initiate a breathing exercise, or by tapping it to record a perfect stress-free moment.

Olive was designed to complement your daily activities and not look like a typical activity tracker, making it fashionable to wear anytime. The bracelet charges through USB and with an upgraded pedestal charger, it will look good charging on your nightstand as well. Olive is targeting a late 2015 release and projecting a 150-dollar retail cost, support their Indiegogo campaign and grab one for a less stressful price tag.

Check them out: The Olive Bracelet