The OUYA Gaming Console Designed for Gamers, Devs and HackersCan you imagine an open source and open hardware video gaming console designed with gamers, developers and even hackers in mind? You won’t have to image long with OUYA.

The OUYA gaming console is about the size of a coffee cup and runs apps on any television using Android 4.0. All of the games are absolutely free to try-out and play; if you like the game, you can buy the full version. In addition, the console is very affordable, under 100 bucks for the unit and a wireless controller.

Don’t let the OUYA size fool you, it’s powerful Tegra-3 quad-core processor will easily run 1080p High-Definition games and video through an HDMI connector to your television. Speaking of video, they have even partnered with NVIDIA for the OUYA’s graphics.

Here is the crazy part: every OUYA system will contain all the tools to make your own game and publish it to their game store. All of the hardware uses basic screws, and they are encouraging people to open it up and look around. Every system will have a debug console and, if you are an aspiring hacker, it will not void the warranty! Even the test points on are clearly marked and documented! UNREAL!!

The OUYA system is due out mid-July and you can get the Kickstarter unit if you fund their campaign. If you want to start making games, you can grab the OUYA Development Kit right now, for free.