The Pass It On for Good Card is the Gift of Good KarmaIt may look like a gift card, but it is not, or is it? The Pass It On for Good USB drive card enables the repurposing of old computers to improve the lives of people who might have never even seen a computer before.

Pass It On for Good is actually a USB drive card loaded with software that makes it easy to not only repurpose that old computer in the closet but also to protect your information. When that card is inserted into a computer, it will first check the health of the system, compare the specs to a world need database and then offer the user a chance to repurpose the system. The hard drive is then completely erased using their Obliterase software package that uses seventeen different algorithms to guarantee all data, including any personal information, is eliminated. A new operating system is installed and your old system is ready to be shipped.

Each Pass It On for Good USB drive card has a unique identification number that you can use to track your impact. By repurposing your old computer, you are not just helping some 3000 children; you are also doing good for the planet eliminating e-waste and saving nearly 3000 pounds of water, 520 pounds of gasoline and up to 48 pounds of chemicals comprising half the periodic table. For whatever reason you choose, using the Pass It On for Good card is a social technology that is good karma you cannot pass up. Check them out on Kickstarter and make a global difference.