The Piq Jukebox Brings Social Music Play to GatheringsWhen you go to a party, everyone has to listen to the music the host chooses, and please, do not touch the stereo! Piq is going to change that making everyone in the room with a smartphone the DJ.

Piq is a small social jukebox that you connect to your music system and with a downloadable app, anyone in the room can pick, or, “Piq” their favorite song to play. Using the app is simple enough, connect to your music service or bring up your stored music, select a song and the song is added to the playlist. Here is where Piq gets very social: everyone at the gathering can vote on the songs in the playlist. Attendees can vote them up or down with the highest voted songs on the list playing sooner and the least voted playing later.

Piq currently works with Spotify and plans to add other music services as they continue development. If you are looking forward to shouting, “who Piq’d Smoke on the Water again” at your next party, or maybe you are that person, check out their Kickstarter page and show them some love, cowbell style.

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