The Radiate Training Shirt Lets You Thermochromically See the Burn“See the burn” might soon replace, “feel the burn” at the gym with the introduction of a new line of athletic wear from Radiate Athletics that gives you feedback based on your personal heat signature.

The Radiate training shirt is based on a new fabric that was first developed by NASA to study astronauts exercising in space. The shirt changes color in response to increased body temperature adding a visual thermochromic dimension to your workout. Now you can see if you are targeting the muscles that you need to work at the gym allowing you to adjust by looking at your shirt. The shirt is designed for performance and perfectly fits your body with no shoulder seams, no baggy mid-sections and no generic sleeve circumference. The fabric also wicks moisture away from you keeping you warm and dry during your toughest workouts.

The Radiate training shirt is a tool you can use to stay motivated and to train efficiently. It takes the guesswork out of your activities so you can see results faster. Because it works from body heat, it does not matter what level or how fit you are, your thermal vision Radiate shirt is honest training feedback you can see. The Radiate shirt is made in America, uses eco-friendly production methods and you can grab one starting at 35 bucks.

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