The Rebel Speaker Water Resistant Audio AlternativeListening to music from your smart device in the shower is fine if you do not mind the sound quality from the speaker and the lack of control of the device when dripping wet. The Rebel Speaker will not mind being your shower buddy giving you an audio alternative shower speaker in wet surroundings.

The Rebel Speaker is a water-resistant shower speaker and speakerphone for your smartphone or tablet. The silicon case surrounding the device not only acts as a suction cup allowing you to stick it anywhere, but also contains the controls for volume and answering calls. The Rebel pairs with a smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth, has a range of 33 feet and a built in microphone so you do not have to carry around your smartphone when wet to have a conversation, just the Rebel. The Rebel has an internal battery with enough power to run the device for up to six hours for those really long showers and is rechargeable through a USB connection.

The Rebel is the perfect companion for any wet environment when you do not want to risk your smart device around water, like a pool, or it can just be used as an everyday speaker. The Rebel will be available later this year, will come in eight different colors and will retail for just 30 bucks.

Check it out: Rebel Speaker

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