The Remotely Controlled WeMo Switch Connected HouseBeing able to turn anything that plugs into an outlet on or off from anywhere has practical and security applications for your home. It also got me thinking of all the creative things I do with such control.

Belkin’s WeMo line of products gives you that control. WeMo is a system that works off your home’s Wi-Fi network to control anything that plugs in. The WeMo Switch plugs directly into any outlet and then the device into the WeMo Switch. To set it up and make it work, you need an iDevice for now but an Android app is on the way. Simply download the app, follow the on-screen directions and you now have control over the plugged-in appliance from your iDevice.

The WeMo Switch can also be controlled with WeMo Motion. This is a motion sensor add-on that takes up a plug in your house and can be positioned with the six-foot cord no more than ten feet from the WeMo Switch. When it senses motion in the room, it will turn plugged-in appliances on or off by sending a signal wirelessly to the WeMo Switch; for example turning lights on automatically when you enter a room.

The final part is the recently announced WeMo Light Switch that replaces wall switches for remote control of all your home room lighting. All of the devices in the WeMo line will work off the same downloadable free app, giving you complete remote control of your home from anywhere.

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