The Roku 3 Again Redefines Streaming Media EntertainmentJust a month after Western Digital introduced their streaming media system, the WD Play, Roku has a new product that again redefines streaming entertainment.

The new Roku 3 is now available and is, “action packed and fully loaded.” So what makes it different from the Roku 2? For starters, the Roku 3 is available only for High-Definition televisions connecting to the TV through an HDMI cable. Also on the hardware side, it has the most current wireless dual-band standards. The remote is also different and unique. Each Roku 3 comes with a set of earbuds so that when the family is ready for bed and you’re not, you can connect them and listen to your television through the remote control. One more difference is the user interface that Roku will be providing to all previous Roku device owners as an upgrade by May of 2013.

The Roku 3 still brings you over 750 channels to find something to watch and a huge selection of live sports and out-of-market games. It offers easy searching of any show by title, actor or director and displays the results in one place. It has all the music channels for just relaxing with some tunes or you can fling some birds with Angry Birds Space, included.

The Roku 3 is still very easy to set-up, just power it up, hook it up to your network and enjoy. They’ve even designed an app for Android and idevices giving you control of the box without the remote. If you are concerned about power consumption, no need, the Roku 3 uses less power than a nightlight. You can pick up the new Roku 3 for 99 bucks.

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