The Roku Streaming Stick Mobile to HD Television OptionIf you are looking for an option in high-definition streaming from your mobile device to your television but do not want to give up your remote control, the Roku Streaming Stick is your solution.

The Roku Streaming Stick plugs directly into the HDMI port of your high-definition television and enables the viewing of movies, pictures or music from your mobile device. It comes with its own RF remote that does not have to be pointing at the television, or users can download an app to their smart device to control actions on the screen. Using your wireless internet, the Roku Streaming Stick will give viewers access to more than one-thousand entertainment channels with popular services pre-programmed as hotkeys on the remote control.

The Roku Streaming Stick is due out mid-April 2014 with a retail price of under 50 bucks and comes with everything you need to get started. Roku is currently taking preorders, or you can check out where you can buy one in person on their website.

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