The Sensoria Fitness System Uses Smart SocksFitness trackers do a great job monitoring vitals and distance, but when it comes to measuring if you are exercising well, they fall short. That is the thinking behind the Sensoria Fitness system, a fitness monitor designed for where the runner meets the road.

There are three parts to the Sensoria Fitness system: a pair of smart socks, a fitness monitor and a smartphone app. The socks are entirely fabric and work by positioning textile sensors under your feet tracking how your foot strikes the surface. The fitness monitor attaches magnetically secure to the sock measuring just about everything else with an onboard altimeter and three-axis accelerometer. The anklet band communicates all the sock and monitor data wirelessly using Bluetooth Low Energy to your smartphone where the app will analyze your running technique and provide real-time audible feedback. The entire system works together to get the most out of your run while avoiding injuring yourself with heal-strikes and forefoot running, maximizing your stride and cadence, all based on your attributes.

The Sensoria Fitness anklet band runs on an internal battery that will last about eighteen days on a single charge assuming you run two hours a day. Since the socks are entirely fabric, they can be washed like any of your regular running socks. The Sensoria Fitness system will be available in early 2014, finally, an ankle monitor you will want to wear.

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