The SOCCKET Ball Generator Turns Gameplay into PowerReal World needs like just having a light at night are getting the boot with a new product from Uncharted Play. The SOCCKET ball is a game-changer giving areas of the world a smart solution to a simple need.

SOCCKET is a kinetic energy harvesting and storage system wrapped up in a soccer ball form factor. It works internally by capturing the motion of a pendulum that moves as the ball kicked, rolled and bounced. The energy is stored in a rechargeable battery, and when playtime is over, the SOCCKET can produce a six-watt output; enough to power their LED lamp for up to 72 hours on a full charge. Even small interaction for 30 minutes can produce up to three hours of needed light.

It is also designed to be durable. The SOCCKET ball is made of a patent-pending foam exterior making it both deflation-proof and water resistant, ideal for rough terrains. It weighs just a little more than a standard soccer ball, only an ounce heavier so it feels and plays like the real thing. The LED lamp is included with the SOCCKET and they have plans to offer other devices that will run off the invention. Future plans including a green colored ball in addition to white and USB connectivity.

Of course, the SOCCKET ball has a Kickstarter program, so if you want to change the world, go check them out.