The Switch Aero System Dynamically Shifts Riding PositionsTo maximize your bike ride even if you are only competing against the clock to get to work on time, you need to remove wind resistant. The new Switch Aero System from Redshift Sports will give casual riders and competitors the advantage of multiple riding positions on a single bike.

The Switch Aero System on the surface seems basic enough being a platform to get into an aero position. What the system actually does is gives the rider the versatility to swap between a road position and a narrow position dynamically without stopping. The extension bars are the first part of the system and are designed to be fully adjustable for comfort. The bars are quick-releasable, fitting back perfectly into your adjusted position and will be available in three configurations including l-bend, straight and s-bend. The seat post is the second part for optimizing your ride toggling between a back road position and a forward narrow position while in motion.

With this new system, riders can use their power where it is needed, more efficiently climbing hills and really making the most of the flats on a single bike. The fully adjustable Switch Aero System is designed and tested to be versatile, safe and comfortable. Redshift Sports has a Kickstarter campaign that is looking for funding to bring this system to your bike by September so you can get the most out of your next ride.

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