The Yellow Jacket is an Absolutely Stunning Cell Phone CaseWhen it comes to self-defense and personal safety, you have a number of legal options. The Yellow Jacket stun gun phone case gives you one more and turns your cell phone case into a stun gun.

The Yellow Jacket stun gun phone case was designed with two goals in mind. The first is to protect your phone with a hardened, impact resistant outer case. The second is to protect you in a defensive situation. Inside the case is a 650-kilovolt stun gun that when activated can incapacitate an attacker for a few minutes giving you time to escape. Two switches on the device prevent accidental discharge, one covering the electrodes and a safety switch, both of which can be released quickly to deploy the stun gun in only two seconds. From there, it works like a typical stun gun, press the electrodes into your attacker and press the discharge button.

The Yellow Jacket is also designed to be a power back-up source for your phone. If you need a little juice, just toggle a switch on the bottom and the device will provide an additional 20 hours of stand-by battery life. When it needs a charge, the Yellow Jacket uses the same power cord as your device so you can charge both with the same cord by toggling that switch.

The Yellow Jacket has the same form factor as most protective cases; the only difference is the thickness of the device at about an inch. It is also very light, about half the weight of the phone. The Yellow Jacket is currently only designed for iPhones with more phone models on the way and can be preordered for 139 bucks.

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