Thermodo is Your Personal and Portable Weather StationWhen you check the temperature on your phone, you are relying mostly on a weather station that could be miles from where you are. If you want an accurate thermometer reading, you are going to want a Thermodo from Robocat.

Thermodo is a small temperature sensor thermometer that you can clip on to your keys and take with you anywhere. When you want to check the temperature exactly where you are at, you can plug Thermodo into your audio jack and the temperature will be measured instantly. It seems simple enough but this little accessory for your phone is pretty cool. What the device is actually doing is converting the temperature to an audio signal and the app software interprets the attenuation to correctly display the temperature measurement.

There is no battery or recharging, Thermodo is completely powered by your device. It has a limited range of about 70 degrees Celsius or 125 degrees Fahrenheit and is not recommended for use on fluids or for checking your body temperature.

The next time you are wondering why it feels, “so hot in here” or why you feel so cold at the game; reach for your personal weather station. Robocat is anticipating Thermodo will be on the market by next August, and you can check out their Kickstarter page if you want to help them out.

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