Tie Internet Connections Together with a Multipath RouterI have never really stopped and thought about how many different ways I connect to the Internet until I discovered a new product from Multipath Networks that ties all those internet connectivity options together.

The Multipath Router is a new way to connect to the Internet that ties together up to four different internet connectivity options like 3G, 4G, cable and DSL. It works like any other router would and will automatically configure each pathway to the Internet that you connect. Setting up the router is very simple, just connect your primary internet connection and any cell phones you have to the device and do some basic configuration through a web interface. The router does the rest, choosing the Internet connections with the cheapest access first and using all of the connections to maintain increased connection speeds even if one of the services becomes unreliable or drops off.

The best part of the Multipath Router is the increase in speed without paying any more to your provider for the performance. Because different Internet protocols produce different speeds, users of the router will need to connect to their aggregate servers so information stays together, and there is a small monthly fee for that service. The Multipath Router will be available early next year; you can reserve one of the first by supporting their Indiegogo campaign.

Check it out: Multipath Networks