TiVo Mini Extends Your TiVo Entertainment for Whole-Home ViewingIf you own a TiVo but wish you could watch your recorded programs in another room of your house, the new TiVo Mini companion device is just what you have been waiting for.

The TiVo Mini works with your TiVo Premiere 4 or XL4/Elite DVR and your home network. The device does not have wireless capabilities, so you will need a wired connection to either Ethernet or Cable network connectivity. Set up is very easy, just hook the TiVo Mini up to the network attach an HDMI cable to the television, power it up and you’re ready to watch any recorded content from your primary DVR in any room of your home. You can also access movies and music from the web through the TiVo Mini with services like Hulu Plus, YouTube Spotify and Pandora.

The on-screen interface has the same search optimized features as the DVR models where users can find programming by title, actor, keywords or description. However, we are talking about TiVo here. While the TiVo Mini will run you only 99 bucks, you still have to either pay the 6-dollar monthly service fee or give them an additional 149 bucks for product lifetime service.

The TiVo Mini will be available in retail shops mid-March but if you cannot wait a week, you can grab one now on their website.

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