Toss Panono and Use 36 Cameras to Capture EverythingNot many people would toss their digital camera or smartphone in the air to grab a photo and even if you did, who knows what you would capture. Panono can satisfy the need to lob a camera and even return with an amazing high-resolution photo of every direction.

Panono is a 360 degree camera that you can toss into the air, mount on a pole or hold in your hand to capture an entire panoramic view. The ball shaped device encased in a tough clear plastic uses 36 fixed focus cameras that capture the image when Panono reaches apogee. The device then sends a preview image wirelessly to your smart device and the complete 72-megapixel image is stored on internal memory with the capacity for up to 400 panoramic shots. The device also sends the full image to the free Panono cloud stitching service and using the Panono app, anyone can share the complete experience by moving their smart device to scan the entire 360 degree camera shot, looking around it as if they were there. The raw image data or complete stitched image can also be downloaded to a computer or even printed. Panono uses an internal battery that is rechargeable through a USB connection.

Panono is tough enough to survive drops if you catching skills need some work and is water-resistant. The Panono app is currently available on Google Play and iTunes for free if you want to test-drive and explore their panoramic images. Panono is in development and they are planning on a late 2014 release with a retail price of 599 bucks, if you want to grab one for a discount, check out their Indiegogo campaign.

Check it out: Panono

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