Trax GPS Locator Keeps Tabs on Kids and PetsIf your pets like to explore on their own and without permission or maybe you just want the peace of mind of knowing where your kids are then a GPS tracker is a perfect solution. You can find the things you care about most with a Trax GPS locator.

Trax is a very small one-and-a-half by two-inch GPS locator that can be attached to children, pets or just about anything to determine the exact location within one-and-a-half to three meters. Once the unit is paired to your Trax account through an easy three-step process, each unit can be located through a free smart device app or on a computer browser. The Trax app will not only track each device, using the app allows for the creation of, “Geofences” of different shapes or freehand forms on a map and will alert the user when a device has left the virtual fence area. The battery on each Trax unit will last for up to four days rechargeable through a micro-USB connection. The Trax units is also billed as, “everything” proof withstanding drops, water, mud, snow, heat and even laundry machines.

Trax comes in several colors and for the roughly 200-dollar price tag includes a Trax GPS unit, clips for clothes and pets, a lanyard, a charging cable and two years of service that will cost you five bucks a month after the two-year freebie.

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