Tricorder Health Vitals in Your Hand with the Scanadu ScoutYour health is your responsibility and when something is wrong, you want to know right away. A new health scanner from Scanadu acts like an expanded forehead thermometer will give you your vitals on your smartphone in just ten seconds.

The Scanadu Scout is being developed as an entrant in the Qualcomm Tricorder X-PRIZE competition, a ten million dollar global competition to build the world’s first working, “Tricorder”. The Scout works like a forehead thermometer by pressing the device to the forehead and holding it there for ten seconds. Using Bluetooth LE, the device transmits vitals including heart rate, temperature, breathing, dissolved oxygen, blood pressure and even emotional stress to a cell phone app. The app then displays the vitals in an easy to understand format with visual representations of your condition. Once the information is on your smartphone, the Scout allows users and doctors to analyze, track and trend the information, monitoring for symptoms or even side effects that could flag a problem.

The very first thing any medical professional will do in a standard visit or an emergency room is to check your vitals. The Scanadu Scout shaves precious minutes off those actions giving doctors more time to respond and is something you are likely to see on your next visit. Scanadu is targeting a 2014 product release and they have a Kickstarter campaign that is beyond fully funded. For parents, coaches, or anyone needing information about them or a loved one, the Scout is a consumer medical device that will put vital health information in your hand.