Turn Heads with the Lunasee Hi-Viz Wheel Lighting Safety SystemRiding a motorcycle at night safely means being seen and not wondering if the next car encounter will be the driver that did not see you. The Lunasee Hi-Viz Wheel Lighting system lights up your bike profile with a stylish glow, ensuring people will notice.

The Lunasee Hi-Viz Wheel Lighting system is a combination of frame-mounted LED lights and wheel rim applied photoluminescent tape. Installing the system takes about two to five hours depending on your skills and involves applying the four-millimeter tape to the wheel rim, fastening the LED pods to the swing arm of the bike and hooking up power to the bike battery. When the system is powered up, the LEDs charge the tape in seconds giving your rims a noticeable visual effect that will turn heads, which is what nighttime safety on a bike is all about.

The Lunasee Hi-Viz Wheel Lighting systems come in two varieties depending on your needs and budget. The 1000 series LEDs will last for up to 25,000 hours while the less powerful 320 kit LEDs last only 500 hours, or about two years. The Lunasee Hi-Viz Wheel Lighting system 320 series will light up your ride for just over one-hundred bucks with the 1000 series running just 160.

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