uArm Puts Robotic Automation Fun on Your DesktopSometimes we could all use a hand and other times, we need the whole arm. uArm from uFactory allows robotic arm enthusiasts to transform their desk into an automated miniature industrial fun-zone.

uArm is an Arduino-controlled four-axis robotic arm that attaches to any smooth surface like a desk or floor. The arm uses three servomotors near the base to control the main movement of the arm with a fourth motor at the end of the arm to rotate objects. The arm is controlled through a Windows-based application allowing the user to move the arm and interact with objects using a mouse and keyboard. uArm is powered through a wall outlet power supply and communicates with the operator’s computer through a USB connection. The different end-effector attachments including a horizontal gripper, a suction cup driven by a small vacuum pump and a vertical gripper give the desktop robot a wide range of applications limited only by your imagination.

uArm comes unassembled as a kit for the engineer in all of us or you can get the unit fully assembled and will be available in an acrylic or wood structural option. The entire system will be released completely open-sourced meaning you can download the design files to build your own or even program the unit beyond the basic operation. Look for the uArm open-source material to hit the web in May of 2014 with a product offering later in June.

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