WigWag Centralizes and Simplifies Your Connected Home ControlAs more home items are connected and appliances get smart, controlling all of the devices becomes a huge problem and the simplified life of a connected home becomes very complicated. This is where WigWag connected home control hopes to return things to a manageable state.

WigWag is a small sensor platform that uses rules graphically programmed by the user to take action on an event. WigWag calls them, “when-then” rules that are basically conditional triggers. Setting up the system is as easy as scanning a code on the device and letting it discover all third-party smart devices. The sensor block monitors all kinds of environmental conditions like light, motion, sound, temperature, humidity, contact closure and even an infrared tripwire between two blocks. When any or multiple variations of these triggers are met based on the programmed rules, actions can happen from making a sound and flashing to turning on lights or activating appliances. All of the functions for the WigWag and your connected devices are controlled from the rules in one central application.

The WigWag system also has an LED glowline that has a few sensors including ambient light and motion, not as many as the sensor block but perfect for creating a responsive lighting environment. If your connected home control is getting out of hand, WigWag will be able to help you out with a target release toward the end of the year.